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    A great and relaxing place to smoke a bit with a couple of friends in Mercer Island is the Luther Burbank Park. It offers all the privacy a person could want and is great during the summertime to go for a swim since there are a few great spots for such activities. As a seafood lover, I’m telling you the next place you should go from here is Freshy’s Seafood Market, great place around the area to get some fish ‘n’ chips. If you feel like spending the night around, you should check into English Tudor’s inn. It has very clean rooms, some modern appliances yet keeps an antic look.

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    Of course, marijuana smoking is illegal in the public eye, if you do not want to hide inside a hotel room, many suggest going down to the waterfront, particularly Myrtle Edwards park, Seattle Center and the big fountain. Also, (PDA Lounge in Belltown and Have A Heart Cafe in the Univeristy District), but you have to have a medical license to visit either establishment.

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