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    Trae Bear

    While it is not legal to smoke marijuana in public, there are many places that provide marijuana to use legally. White Rabbit Cannabis is one of the best shops in Lynnwood. Another option is the Med Source Patient Network where you can network with other users. The best way to use marijuana is in your own home or at someone else’s. Using the Med Source Patient Network would provide a great way to meet other users in your area. When you get to know other users you can enjoy their company and use marijuana at their home without having to worry about breaking the law.

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    In Lynnwood there’s a great smoking spot next to a shop called Lucy Loves Ethel, it’s near the coast, I like to hike a little bit in the bushes so I can be next to the water itself. There’s literally no one around so there are no worries about privacy. On the road to that place there are a couple of food places so it’s easy to grad something to eat while going to the spot. The views of the Browns Bay are really good and relaxing. As there is no one around it’s also a nice place for a quick bath in the cold water in those hot summer smokes.

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    If you are looking for some cool places to go smoke weed then we would first have to suggest that you go to Scriber Lake Park. This is a wonderful park right on the lake where there are many cool things to see in and do. The trails here will lead you to places that you cannot imagine. You could also check out Wilcox Park which is nearby and then Lynndale Park which is on the opposite side of town. There are many things to do in this town and a stoner will find many awesome natural landscapes to check out.

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