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    Chief wanna dubbie

    Merican Lake is my favorite spot to burn on down in Tacoma. There’s plenty of nature to enjoy, but the best part about it is the beaches around the water. It’s not like a coastal beach or anything, but after a good smoke you’ll think you’re in paradise. Nothing but beauty in this area. No need to worry about your privacy either.Tacoma has a great spot in Narrows Park. It’s usually busy during the day but tends to die out around 3-5 in the afternoon. Either way, no one is likely to bother you while you’re there, and the views of the river and nearby bridge (especially lit up at night) can’t be beat. You’ll have almost 40 acres of land to explore, so finding privacy and a suitable view shouldn’t be an issue at all.

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    Leavenworth has 3 different places you can go and all three are good in terms of product quality. C & J’S Helpful Meds is on 9th Street and they are rather new and unknown. I am not sure on the quality of their service or the atmosphere there, but then you have Greenbelt and they are over on Merry Canyon Road and they have some serious views and privacy. Great place and all but limited to the sprays and tinctures only, so not sure if it’s even what you’d want. The other place out there is The Happy Crop Shop but technically they are in Cashmere, not Leavenworth; about 9 miles or so. They are pretty nice and have decent privacy.

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    If you pass by Leavenworth and are into the mood for some fun, a must go is the Leavenworth ZipLines. Roll that purple thing up, ask for some help from your friends to get the job done, and after a five minute hike you are ready for a nine zip lines adventure. Don’t worry if you haven’t done this before, the guides are very friendly and helpful so you will be just fine. As soon as you’re done, do not end the day without checking in The Gingerbread Factory for enough gingerbread and cookies to satisfy the munchies.

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