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      By far without a doubt the best spot for getting a view and nice quiet relaxing spot where no one will bother you is Twin Lakes. The view is beyond spectacular, so there is no better place to enjoy and take in the awe inspiring beauty of the lake reflecting the mountain. Mineral Belt Trail is pretty cool too, and there are plenty of places to smoke around the trail. However, it’s a pretty tough hike. If you do tough it out, the view is totally worth it. You could also do a tour of the mines, or if your into the environmental thing, check out the Leadville National Fish Hatchery.

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      Sport that don’ require massive energy are always a great choice after smoking. If you are in Leadville, Colorado, a great places to exercise such is Sky Cooper, a very affordable smaller scale ski resort. If you don’t have a suit or didn’t really get the hang of skiing yet, there’s absolutely no problem- friendly instructors and full service equipment rental are available. Since you are in a mountain area, the absolute best place to get something to eat and maybe a few drinks is the Tennessee Pass Cafe, a place situated at a 10,000 feet altitude!

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