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      Yes, there are parks all over the place, but the best one in town is the William Frederick Hayden Park. It’s not only a park it’s a wildlife preserve, and there is a ton of really cool wildlife that you probably haven’t seen before, so check it out. The other really nice and out of the way one with even more privacy and better views is the Kendrick Lake Park, which offers a stunning view of a picturesque mountain lake. Great for pictures. Both places are very cool, and if you are in town long enough, I would spend a day at each of them. If only have one day, visit them both.

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      Probably my favorite spot to smoke weed in Lakewood, Colorado is Bear Creek Park. This park has something for everyone, and is one of the best spots to smoke weed. There are activities for all the kids and adults, from horse back riding to bike paths and jogging paths. There is even an amazing beach to just lay out on all day and relax. They have paddleboats you can rent and other non-motorized equipment. A ton of birds also call their home in this area so it is great for bird watchers as well! So put up your feet and take a smoke in this great location!

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