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      Smoking marijuana in public is illegal, but a few suggestions from fellow smokers are, Legion Park, has alot of shade, making it perfect to have a smoking session, also Rotary Park which is dog friendly and Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens, which has sculptures and art, perfect for viewing while smoking. Vapors are a discreet way to smoke in public if all else fails.

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      One of the most common thing stoners enjoy is having a nice, quiet and relaxing day. With that being said, being around Lake Stevens with enough pot to kill a horse calls for a wake ‘n bake at the Lundeen Park. Countless amazing lake sights, docks, animals (ducks, hawks, etc) are awaiting for you right here. Don’t forget to bring your swimming gear because going for a swim during summertime is definitely worth it. Also, pack enough brownies in your picnic basket to satisfy your munchies!

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