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    Lake Oswego is a place that is filled with many great smoke spots. Anytime that you can be out and around nature and near the water at you know you are in a good smoke spot. Some of the best parks in the area I would definitely have to be George Roger’s Park, and Foothills Park. These are two great places for you to go to smoke your killer Buds and enjoy the great natural beauty. Come on down and check them out and you will be glad that you did. They will probably even be many other like-minded stoners around you at the time.

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    Being in Lake Oswego holding some pot is a real opportunity! One of the first places I’d get baked in is the George Rogers Park. The two million dollars that Lake Oswego city hall recently invested in local parks is easily visible in many places, including George Rogers Park. One of my favorite areas inside of this park is the small sandy beach by the Willamette River. Considering you hold enough sticky purple thing, you should go ahead and rent a boat and slowly drift to the small nearby islands.

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