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    Lacey is a city that has lots of natural beauty so you will be able to find a lot of cool places to go smoke weed. Set alarm highest recommended places to go it would definitely have to be Homann Park and Wonderwood Park. They are both located pretty close to the water and you will be able to find great views all around you. Headed to either one of these parts and take a walk along the trails are along the water and you will be in the right environment for your day with your joint.

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    There are so many different spots in Lacey that you can enjoy a smoke and take in all the beautiful scenery. The Woodland creek community park has so much to offer. Nice places to smoke, walk and enjoy all that nature has to offer! Also if you are looking for some fun I would suggest stopping by Marvin Road Golf and Batting range. For food I would check out the Curry Corner. It is an Indian Vegetarian, Gluten free establishment. Great food and they also have a certificate of excellence. The service is amazing and the food is even better. With the farmers markets, dispensaries, and the beautiful parks it will be a great place to smoke and enjoy!

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