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      If you’re looking for some cool places to go smoke weed outdoors in this area then you should check out Moorpark, Klamath Falls, and Wiard Park. These are three of the coolest places in the area to hang out and you will definitely enjoy your time there. They all have great hiking paths and other places to just sit down and relax. If you like to smoke your weed outdoors in some great natural scenery then you can definitely find that in these three parks.

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      Trae Bear

      No where. It is illegal here.

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      You will be happy to hear you can find 3 medical marijuana dispensaries in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Be aware though that in September 2015 recreational pot stores were being banned by some cities, even if the county is allowing recreational dispensaries and recreational use. Of course, this works in the vice versa sense that some counties may ban a store, but the city will allow it. With that being said, if you are 21, Smokin Deals Custom Glass is rated with 4 stars with kudos for excellent staff, selection and price. I suggest checking with your local laws before you light up.

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