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      HOH National Rainforest excellent spot to smoke and enjoy the scenery. It lots of thick foliage and beautifully colored trees that are very whimsical to see. This would be a very private location in nature. Stevens Pass is another natural area that is mainly used for hiking trails during the summer, and skiing in the winter. This place has awesome spots to toke by yourself. Lastly, I would advise you to take a visit to Mount Rainier National Park. The coolest part about this location is that is actually a volcano. With beautiful views and many private areas to smoke, I think you’d really enjoy this spot.

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      The Yakima Delta Wildlife Nature Area Is a great area for seclusion. Even with the animals there you have minimal risk of being caught and/or being attacked. This park also has rock formations you can sit on top of and look over. Its beautiful and secluded and a part of nature. The amazing thing of this park is you can catch the bus to get here. So no matter where you are in kennwick you can take the public transit system and get to one of your favorite spots in nature and burn a joint or 2 without any risk.

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