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    North of the Church of Christ Keizer there’s a small forest. It’s right near what appears to be a shopping district with several restaurants and you could park in the church parking lot and easily walk right in. It’s far enough from any homes that you likely wouldn’t get spotted going in, or have a smell of smoke drift over to them. If you find out the church’s schedule you could even park while there’s people there so there would be less suspicion of why your car is there. Speaking as a fellow smoker, it’s where I’d go to smoke. Happy smoking bro, hope you have fun.

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    Willow Lake is my favorite spot to burn on down inKeizer. There’s plenty of nature to enjoy, but the best part about it is the beaches around the water. It’s not like a coastal beach or anything, but after a good smoke you’ll think you’re in paradise. Nothing but beauty in this area. No need to worry about your privacy either

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    While Keizer is a fairly small town in Oregon, there are still some great spots to smoke marijuana. One of the best in my opinion is at Volcano Stadium. They are the farm team for the San Francisco Giants and while you get to see a ball game, you can also just chill and relax since no one is ever at the games. What is better than relaxing on a nice summer night enjoying a smoke and hearing the crack of the bat. They have great food at the concession but there are also some nice restaurants nearby that could feed your appetite as well.

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