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    The Novel Tree is a good place to go if you want to smoke marijuana. They offer all kinds of marijuana as well as edibles and glassware that is made by locals-which is kind of cool and would make a great souvenir if you’re visiting from out of town. Furthermore, they have long hours so you can get in when it’s convenient for you. They have knowledgeable staff and even offer a loyalty program! For every $500 spent you get a 15% off coupon. The shop is also really clean and conveniently located downtown. There are items in every price point and staff will be happy to help you find just what you’re looking for. Also, because of it’s convenient location, you’ll be central to restaurants, bus stops, hotels, bars, etc.

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    Issaquah has a lot of attractions, especially during the day when you can visit ranches and hike up the hills, yet, after getting baked, a hike can be very challenging so I will suggest going for the nightlife. Probably the most appealing thing you can do is visit the Capri Cellars, where you can go for an exquisite wine tasting paired with their charcuterie and cheese platter. But don’t worry, when the munchies hit, you can order a lot more than a simple appetizer in here. Beef, chicken, sea foods and many others are right there at your reach!

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