Best Marijuana Smoke Spots in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado

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    Coleman Park has great places to walk around and a beautiful waterfront view to choose from. There are places literally everywhere that you could smoke at, all with scenic sights included free. The lake there is probably the best part, so I would recommend having a seat down by the water and mellowing out properly. If you are looking for the opposite of private and really think you have guts, go back into town and make a stop at the worlds only public bathroom with see-through walls. I wouldn’t do it though. Cooper Lake State park also has little piers or walkways you can walk out onto the water with. That’s a pretty cool spot too.

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    Driving by Hot Sulphur Springs of Colorado, a relaxing perfect little place you should spend some time in is the Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa. This place is really suitable for smoking since there are many small pools and you get a lot of privacy so you can enjoy your day. By the end of the day, make sure you visit the Glory Hole restaurant, a small but very tidy place with a few unique sorts of food and lovely landscaping. If you need to spend the night, you should totally check in the Canyon Motel, a clean place with friendly staff where you might get a nice view.

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    This is a town that is known for its great natural beauty so you are not going to have a hard time finding places to go. You could just take a walk around by yourself and you will probably stumble upon something, or you could head to hot Sulphur Springs Resort and Spa. If you want to try something a little different you could head up North to Pioneer Park. There are so many cool things in this town that it will not be too hard to find a nice relaxing area to smoke some weed.

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