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      What are the best parts about smoking weed is being outdoors with nature. This is how you can easily connect with the environment and feel like you are one with the universe. If you are looking for some good parks in this area then you should go to Rood Bridge Park or 53rd Avenue Community Park.
      These are two of the nicest parks in town where you can have a nice relaxing afternoon smoking some good weed. Go by and check them out and take a walk around the park and you will have a great time doing it that afternoon or evening.

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      There’s the Oregon International Air Show. You might be able to find a secluded spot in the surrounding hills, toke up, and enjoy the aerial spectacle. There’s no shortage of places to take care of your munchies. There’s Helvetia Tavern, a family style restaurant & bar and Schmizza Public House if you’re looking for a pub. Many great local coffee shops are in the area too, including Insomnia Coffee Company, South Shore Cafe and Dutch Bros. Coffee. It might be a bit out of the way of restaurants but there are a number of farms and vineyards with spectacular views as well.

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