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      There in Happy Valley must be some forest’s or green zones, I have not been there but some friends have and they have told me that there’s some beautiful forest’s but not exactly sure where. I know of some weed dispensaries in Oregon like Foster Buds or Brothers Cannabis Club, maybe if you go and ask someone there you can get some useful information. Also, I have heard of some recreational stores and pot bars that have some nice ambience and food, in case you need more information I recommend you to go to and use their search engine to find some of that. Hope it was useful!

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      Mount Talbert Nature Park is a top notch spot that can give you not only the privacy you want, but the scenic views and natural beauty you want while you’re chilling and smoking. There are multiple throughout this four mile park, both paved and unpaved. So you could pick one of the areas that is designed for a casual walk, or blaze your own way through the wooded area or less traveled paths. There is also Happy Valley Park which has shaded picnic areas, concerts in the summer time. There is also plenty of open space there if you are trying to sports or get around and moving more. Both places are nice and suitable for what you are trying to do.

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