Best Marijuana Smoke Spots in Grand Lake, Colorado

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    Igadi Ltd in Tabernash is your best bet. View is pretty good and privacy is decent. The giant meatballs at Tabernash Tavern were delicious. The staff is known to be meat at Igadi but I didnt have any problems and they were nice and helpful to me. Vap pens were the best taste and smooth.

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    Technically the entire Rocky Mountain National Park is part of Grand Lake, but that’s the obvious choice. That place is so big you could lost and die, and it’s pretty cliche place to go first. For a unique local experience, that is right up you’re alley, go to the beaches at Grand Lake. It’s not too far out of the way, and although there might be some people there, you can really smoke wherever, and there are plenty of spots to be private and still enjoy the area. If you want to do some easy hiking, the Bowen Gulch Trail has a very scenic view of the mountain you won’t forget.

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