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      By far the best spot to get privacy and amazing views is the Hanging Lake park and trails. It’s a bit of hike, but you can do as much of it as you want and find a spot anywhere to smoke at. All through the trails there are many waterfalls and other pretty nature sights. Plus there’s little spots by some of the more prominent waterfalls where you could just sit and chill out for a while if you wanted to. If you want to do something else cool you could go see Doc Holliday’s Grave and maybe smoke one with Doc. It’s a small hike to get up to the grave site and there’s usually no one up there.

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      A visit to the Hanging Lake Trail in Glenwood Springs, Colorado will totally turn into a spectacular hike! This wonderful, three mile long rocky trail will take you to a peak where you can roll some weed and enjoy a magnificent view with a couple of friends. Getting all the way up and down will get you very hungry and exhausted so the Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company should be the ending point of a hard day since it has great food made from fresh ingredients and probably more types of beer than you will be able to taste.

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