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      There is one thing Frisco, Colorado is known for the most the the tourists : kayaking and canoeing. Yet since I’d hate it if water would put out my spliff, I would go to Frisco Adventure Park for a tour with a mule drawn sleigh. Doing this, you will be able to enjoy a great ride through the piles of snow without being cold since you will be covered with thick fur blankets. At the end of the destination, you will find a canvas tent where you will satisfy your munchies with good food while the atmosphere with be maintained by live music.

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      Frisco Adventure Park is maybe the coolest place in Frisco. You can smoke outside most places there with obvious discretion and respect. There is a disc golf course there, which I personally enjoy playing with friends and doing that whole thing. Or you could get real brave and do one of the sleigh rides. I don’t think you can smoke on the sleigh though. The Gatherhouse is another cool place to check out in town. They do glass blowing there and all kinds of neat stuff you might be interested in. If you want mellow and private as possible, go to Rainbow Lake.

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