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      Since marijuana is legal to smoke in the area, but illegal to smoke in public, Denver business owner Ryan Connolly, who operates Grassroots Clothing and the 710 Cannabis Cup, made it legal to smoke in an unused spot in his clothing shop. Also, Odd Fellows, and the Elks Club are legal places to smoke marijuana.

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      Horsetooth Reservoir is the go to smoke spot if you are just trying to relax and enjoy some time in the great outdoors. It has a little bit of everything including beaches you can relax on, to swimming in the water, and hiking the trails. There’s even some really good climbing spots if that’s what you’re into. If you want to go even more rugged and out of the way, and get a better view, hike up Lory State Park and sit on one of the cliffs and burn one down. Both of these spots you can smoke virtually everywhere, and they will be nice and private. There’s also an outdoor outlet mall in town if you or someone with you loves shopping.

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      If you up for a show Mishawaka is an amazing spot to smoke and take in some great music. –

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