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    During the early day or afternoon I would consider a place like Legion Park for chilling out and smoking. There are little benches by the water where you can have a seat and enjoy the nice breeze across while you relax. There isn’t many people there usually so you shouldn’t have a problem finding any privacy. Towards the evening I would head over to Howarth Park. Not as much seating there, and pretty much the same idea, but the sunset always seems to be a way better experience at Howarth over Legion. Spencer Island Park is a third option if you need it, and it’s also a nice little place with an abundance of wildlife.

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    Everett is a really cool city located on the Possession Sound. That means there are lots of interesting areas where you can go to hang out with your friends. Harborview Park and Howarth Park are both located right on the water and will be good places for you to go. You can also check out Spencer Island Park which has lots of cool scenery around. You could even head over to Lake Stevens and find some good places to go as well. There are certainly many options for you to smoke smoke your next bowl in Everett.

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