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      Passing through Englewood, Colorado, you should consider making a stop at Pirates Cove Family Aquatic Center. As all stoners know, floating on water after getting baked is a surprisingly relaxing and pleasing trip. Don’t get me wrong – this is not the largest aquatic park on the planet (as a matter of fact, not even the largest in its town) yet that’s actually and advantage, since you can enjoy some privacy on this trip after trying the long water slides. At the end of the day, visit Maggiano’s restaurant, one of the best italian specific restaurants in the area.

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      There are a few options to smoke marijuana in Englewood, Colorado. A typical concern for smoking marijuana in the state of Colorado is that it has to be done in private since use of the drug in public is not permitted. One place that’s quite private would have to be iBAKE Englewood which is a great hotel that’s perfectly suited for smoking. Outside of that particular hotel, it is probably wise to find other establishments such as private homes that can easily accommodate those who would want to smoke marijuana. I believe the best source for this would be searching for like-minded individuals on the couchsurfing website to find those willing to host you so you can smoke.

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