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      The best place in Colorado to get completely smoke happy is good old Durango. The greatest plae to get your eat and drink on happens to be Steamworks Brewing Company. You can really get the chance to smoke the best of the best here and don’t forget about the drinks. You will not be able to stop drinking and eating. This place has every drink you can think of and the food is A plus. Once you are done busting your gut you should head over to Perin’s Peak to check out the most beautiful and epi sunset known to humanity. If that is not enough for you to say, job well done, that’s not all Durango has to offer. You will be in for a special treat if you head on over to the Diamond Belle Saloon to really get the party started. Durango, Colorado is really a world wonder.

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      If you are in Durango you have to see the Mesa Verde National Park. It’s all open area, so you can smoke anywhere you’d like. This place is an absolute time portal. One of the coolest sites you could visit in all of Colorado in my personal opinion. There are ancient cave dwellings all around the area. It’s basically one of the most important archaeological sites in the entire United States. The place is absolutely mind blowing and it can not be missed. There are also some other ancient cliff dwellings of interest, and some great smoke spots too, in the San Juan National Forest. Check them both out if you can.

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