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    There are plenty of good spots in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge to have a good smokes. It’s a little dangerous since there is usually a couple guards, but if you manage to get a nice isolated spot in there the experience it’s fantastic. There are lots of animals so there is plenty to see while smoking and the shadow of the trees makes it perfect for the summer smokes. There are also a couple of lakes which contribute to the nice views. Along the Refuge there are some places to grab food so whenever the hungry arises you can quickly grab something to eat.

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    I’m thinking that if you are mostly interested in privacy and location that your best bet would be to find a pot-friendly hotel (there are many in the Denver area) like the Bud & Breakfast at the Adagio. There are plenty of hotels that you can find, and some of them that are even priced in the $100s per night. Of course, if you’re already living in Denver there are surely cheaper options, but if you’re just visiting and you will need lodging anyway it might be best to select a pot-friendly hotel. Remember that this town has made pot legal, but that doesn’t mean you can just smoke wherever you please!

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    Denver is a state that has so much to offer and you can find many cool things to do here. The Denver Zoo is one of the coolest dudes in the country and you should check it out when you are high. Some other cool places that you can go are Washington Park and Cheesman Park. They’re both really fun places to go when you are high and hang out around the great natural beauty that Denver has to offer. Or just head up into the mountains and find your own unique spot for yourself.

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