Best Marijuana Smoke Spots in Cripple Creek, Colorado

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      Dude. Go to Pike’s Peak! It is so chill. The scenery is amazing with tons of birds and other wild life. Burn at 14,000 ft!

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      Cripple Creek is an old historically preserved mining town and isn’t exactly loaded with parks and green zones because of the rough terrain that was once mines. The town is surrounded by ridges and trails that you could hike up on to and have a smoke with a view, but it’s not always an easy hike. One place that comes to mind is the hills around Phantom Canyon Road. Otherwise you could smoke up and check out the Outlaw and Lawmen Jail museum, and be thankful you don’t live in the wild wild west, and you’re free to smoke without worrying about being put in jail. There’s also a couple small casinos in town if you feel like gambling.

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