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      Creede is an old mining town that almost looks like a step back in time. There aren’t really big city attractions there, so get to time travelling and take some time to enjoy the history. You can smoke anywhere in Colorado with common sense so specific spots aren’t an issue. The whole Creede experience is in the Bachelor Loop. You can tour it all by car (it’s 17 miles of road) or stop somewhere and chill out. It’s basically a huge tour of the old mines but it all runs along scenic areas with rivers and the natural beauty of Colorado. There are places along the trail, little museums and centers, that have pamphlets and information about the mining industry.

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      Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the union so if you want to find a good place to smoke weed outdoors and nature this will not be hard at all. You could check out the mountain View’s at RiversEdge, Rio Grande national forest, or the Marshall Park Campground. Any of these will be great places for you to go and spend your day. There are also many other places around the city so just head out on foot and you will find exactly what you are looking for without even looking for it.

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      If you are driving a four wheel drive vehicle in Creede, Colorado, the one place you should check out is the Silver Thread Scenic and Historic Byway. No service, no GPS, all you get is a paper map like in the good old days when technology wasn’t killing all the fun of a stoners road trip. Most amazing waterfalls, blooming wildflowers – magnific scenery all around you. If you can find a safe place to bake some more, thunderstorms are a daily routine around here so you will get to see one.

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