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    Corvallis is a really cool town with lots of like-minded stoners so if you go to any of the parks around town there’s a good chance you are going to be the only one smoking. Some of the funnest parks to go would have to be Avery Park right in downtown or up north you can find Wildcat Park and Chip Ross Park. All of these parks are great options for places for you to spend your day out and about in some cool scenery with lots of nature all around you.

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    In Corvallis, Oregon, there is one place that holds something special and different for you in every season you visit – the William Finley National Wildlife Refuge. Considered by many to be one of the best places to enjoy the wildlife, William Finley Refuge will be great after getting baked wearing your headphones playing “Stir it up”. During the winter season, ducks, swans, and Canada geese reunite right here. In the nearby forest, elks, coyotes and fox can be seen as well, so grab your binocular and start stalking!

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    Nature is your best friend in Corvallis Oregon. Go for a hike through the woods and end with a sunset up at the top of the hill. Corvallis is a great town for being active and smoking. It is not legal there, so privacy and efficiency is a must. Some people even climb trees for a better view. Another good one is Eastbank, somewhere near the Vera Katz Memorial, you can skip down below sidewalk level on a ledge/cave thing. Always a favorite toke spot in the evenings around sunset.

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