Best Marijuana Smoke Spots in Castle Rock, Colorado

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    Unless you own private property in the area, it is illegal to smoke marijuana in public. Since, most hotels forbid tobacco and marijuana use, it becomes difficult to find a place to smoke without facing penalty. Johnson’s company connects people to private condos and hotels that he claims will allow pot smoking.

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    Rock park is a great place to smoke up! You can climb to the top of a mesa and there’s not only a great view, but close proximity to a Mexican restaurant, as well as your standard fast food joints. You could also go to the Ridgeline Open Space, which is a beautiful hiking area with 13+ miles of trails. Ridgeline is going to have probably the most privacy of the two because there are numerous trails to walk down, and it also happens to be really close to the Castle Rock Zipline Tours, which would be amazing to do when you’re high.

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