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      Canby, Oregon is a conservative town. So conservative, that as of yet, Canby does not allow dispensaries to sell marijuana and the state law does not allow you consume in public places. Public places mean those public parks, hallways, lobbies, theme parks, and of course the street just to name a few. in fact, smoking on your front porch if you can easily seen by people passing by can be viewed as using marijuana in public. Public consumption is a Class B violation when can be $1000.00 fine. With that in mind, the best marijuana smoke spot would be a friend’s backyard that is near a restaurant and has gorgeous view along with a privacy fence.

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      Finding yourself in Canby Oregon, a great outdoor place for an afternoon join would definitely be the Swan Island Dahlias. Any flower and nature lover would enjoy every second spent here, since the colors and smells bring you in communion with mother nature. After checking out, a great place for a wine tasting, very known locally, is the St.Josef’s Winery. When getting the munchies, El Chilito is the right place to be if you are a mexican food enthusiast. This place serves a multitude of authentic recipes with the freshest ingredients and has become one of the tourists favorite.

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