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    In order of closest to Camas, Washington.Mary Jane’s House of Glass, Washougal, Washington. When you check out web site of this place you will find other marijuana dispensaries nearby. And there is Amnesia Brewing about 1 block south of here. If, and only if, you want some brew to go with smoking then walking distance sounds appealing.
    I believe this is same outfit with same name, Mary Jane’s House of Glass, located in Vancouver, Washington. Bigger outfit has its chops and you could trust their business. They are doing something right. Little farther than you like but The Old Spaghetti Factory is south of here along with Columbia Crossing Shopping Center nearby.

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    If you are looking for a great place to go smoke some weed and Camas then we have a great suggestion for you. You should check out Marina Park which is an awesome park with a really cool walking trail for you to hang out at. There are many places to stop along your walk and see the great natural beauty and relax Indy create environment. Head on down and take a walk along this trail and you will come back again the next time you want to smoke.

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