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      The top spot I can think of is the Harborside Fountain Park. They have a beautiful boardwalk and sometimes they will have fountains on which will make it even more relaxing and amazing. It is probably one of my favorite spots to light up. It also is very peaceful and never too busy so you will definitely get some alone time when you are there. Often times you can find some nice wildlife that will try and chill with you as well. It is also right by the ferry terminal so it makes it even easier to hop on the ferry afterwards and venture to another spot in Bremerton.

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      Don’t we all just love bugs? I’m kidding, we don’t. Yet if you can get behind the creepiness of the idea while you are in Bremerton, making a visit to the Bug Museum after getting stoned might not be such a bad idea. So get ready to have your skin crawling seeing these creepy crawlers in full action because a huge ant farm is right there! While you’re at it, you might as well pet a snake or an iguana, since there is also a display of reptiles to which you can get as close as you wish.

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