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    Boulder is great city for a stoner to live. There are so many college kids around that are going to have some amazing weed and you will be able to find some really nice buds here. If you’re looking for some cool places to go hang out then the nicest park in town is Eben G. Fine Park. This is an awesome park with lots of cool things to do. You can also try out Emma Gomez Martinez Park or Wonderland Lake Park. Head on out to be with some like-minded individuals and you will certainly find many cool places to smoke in Boulder.

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    The primary issue with being in Colorado is that it’s prohibited to smoke directly in public. It’s recommended if you want to smoke you will have to do it very carefully if you’re in public. With that said, there are a few places to be able to smoke in secluded areas. The Flatirons is a great place with plenty of trails around and amazing views. Eldorado Canyon is another great place to be able to smoke since it’s more private than other parks. There’s also plenty of activities to do and gorgeous scenery to behold in Eldorado Canyon. Lastly, another great place would be Chautauqua since it’s so accessible and easy to reach to those coming in Boulder, Colorado.

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    Welcome to Boulder, Colorado, the smoke empire of the world. What could be better than exploring the beautiful caves of Colorado? Exploring the caves high as a kite. Please stay with your guide on this epic tour of glorious crystal formations and deep caverns. After all of that walking around you are sure to be hungry, so the best place to stop by to eat would be the Black Cat. That’s right, we are about to cross your path with wholesome goodness and mouthwatering flavor. However if you are a bit fearful of cats then a great place to stop by and have a great meal would be Jax Fish House and Oyster Bar. That’s right after blowing on that fatty you should hurry and make your way to seafood capital of Boulder. After all is said and done it would be a good idea to watch the sunset over the beautiful mountain ridge.

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