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      There is a Weed bus that allows you to smoke on it as it travels around down. So you can get on the bus smoke and enjoy the ride and sights and get off when you see a restaurant that you would like to eat at. You can also find privately owned clubs that will allow smoking of marijuana on their premises certain days of the year. For example the Mercury Club has a monthly day that they allow patrons to smoke marijuana. The best place would be in the privacy of your own home or hotel.

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      Bellevue is a really cool town with lots of different things to do. There are great parks on the east side and of course you have the water and more parks on the westside. Chism Beach park is a really cool park located right on the water that you should take a look at. If you want to try something more clearly and less watery than you could try out Wilburton Hill Park over on the east side of town. At either choice you will find many great places to hang out and spend your day.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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