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    Nature lovers and horse riders can smoke in tranquil surroundings at the Sand Creek Riparian Preserve on E. 6th Ave. while walking the Sand Creek Greenway Trail. Smokers who prefer more urban escapes can enjoy the Quincy Reservoir lake, open seasonally from March 1 to October 31. The picnic shelter at the Star K ranch provides cover from the sun. Aquatically inclined marijuana enthusiasts can enjoy a day at the Aurora Reservoir, where they can watch sailing, windsurfing, and fishing while they sunbathe or walk the eight mile reservoir trail. Smokers can appreciate Mother Nature’s most delicate creatures at the Jewell Wildlife Center, which features a butterfly garden and a wetland boardwalk.

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    If you’re into gambling, specifically Horse Racing, you could always head over to Arapahoe Park and bet on some horses. The track is obviously outdoors so there’s no problem with smoking there. If you’re looking for more privacy I would check out Cherry Creek State Park. It’s not far out of the way and it has scenic hiking trails that are also suited for bikes if you are taking one. A million places to smoke along the trails too, or you could just sit by the beautiful lake and watch the sun go down as you smoke up there. The park is close to town as well, and there are two theaters in town, go back into town a catch a show.

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    It is illegal to smoke in public, however there are a few venues that allow you to smoke marijuana, such as Sancho’s Broken Arrow, 741 E. Colfax Ave, El Chapultepec, 1962 Market St., iBake Lounge, 6125 Washington St.

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