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      We are about to explore that glorious smoke locations located in Ashland, Oregon. For our first stop, the Standing Stone Brewing Company, where you can get your drink and smoke on until your heart is content. They have some of the best food in the state. If you still are not full and an go for some more good eat you should try out Smithfield’s Restaurant and Bar for another round or two depending on how much you can handle of this states most powerful kush and great beer. For the next tour on our vacation we travel to the beautiful North Mountain Park where you can enjoy the wonderful sights and land formation. The sunsets are incredible. There is no other place on Earth better than Ashland, Oregon

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      A very private place in Ashland, Oregon, that with the help of a tent and a couple of friends can be turned into a hotbox area can be found by the Emigrant Lake. Plenty of people come here as there are several favorable places to launch your kayak from (which should be a very nice activity to check on the list during daytime) yet if you come prepared, spending a night here will really help you get in touch with your roots, the nature and having a kick-ass night with your friends. In the morning, don’t forget to check into Morning Glory Restaurant, they have like the best pancakes ever.

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