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      If you go to Alamosa, Colorado and feel like relaxing and taking a few puffs with a couple of friends, the Sand Dunes Recreation Hot Springs Pool is a great choice. This place does not lack space and privacy and also has a Greenhouse which is a great getaway from the sun. If you share my passions for mexican cuisine, as soon as you feel like you’re good to go, check into Calvillo’s Mexican Restaurant for some amazing food with the freshest ingredients. In addition to satisfying your munchies here, the mood will be set by live music.

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      While there are many dedicated marijuana smoking clubs located in the Denver and surrounding area, there are unfortunately not any dedicated marijuana smoking clubs in Alamosa. If you want to smoke while visiting Alamosa, you will want to find somebody with their own property that will let you smoke on their property. There is a law in Colorado that you can smoke from your porch or balcony, but not in public, so it’s best to find a friend with a house. Some specific hotels in the Colorado area do actually allow marijuana smoking on their premises, but it changes depending on the hotel and the area. You will want to call and ask hotels in the area on their policies.

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      A really awesome site and wide open private place to smoke anywhere you want is the Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge. You will see birds you have never seen before, and get a spectacular view of the natural landscape with mountains in the background and ponds across the valley. It is a really cool place and will leave you in awe of nature. If you’re looking for something a little more fun try out the Colorado Gators Reptile Park. I don’t think you can smoke inside, but it’s really a cool experience, the owners are friendly, and you might even see a gator wrestling show while you are there.

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