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    I’m looking for some of the best smoke spots in Eugene. There are parks all over the place, but I’m looking for the best spots based on privacy, the view, near by restaurants, and whatever else you can think of.

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    Might I suggest Mount Pisgah. The hike is not too bad and once your up at the top the view is downright inspiring. Plenty of spots along the way if you just feel like stopping anywhere. Don’t worry about the privacy, anyone you might encounter is probably doing the same thing you are. Smoke one for me up there.

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    The lower trails of the river at Skinner’s Butte Park is supposed to be one of the best places in Eugene to smoke in peace. There are supposed to be nice and quiet areas with low traffic but beautiful scenery. It also has a nice overview of the whole city.

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    I went to visit my cousin about six months ago. He and I went over to Alton Baker Park around 7pm. It was absolutely gorgeous. There is a ton of great scenery around the lake, so we went for a stroll after hanging out for a bit. Everyone was very friendly. We noticed a few people there for the same reason that we were too. Check out this park if you are in the area.

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    There’s a great spot if you don’t mind hiking for an hour or two (and that’s your thing) up Spencer’s Butte. It’s a bit of a trek but the view can’t be beat and you’re far enough off the beaten path to get some privacy. Just make sure to check the weather beforehand because you can easily get stuck by a fast moving storm system.

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    There’s another great spot that’s about an hour outside of town. If you don’t mind a drive and want some of the best nature views in the USA, you can head to Pinard Falls. It’s a short half mile hike from the parking lot to the 105-foot waterfall, which is absolutely breathtaking and usually not too crowded at all.

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    I would have to second Alton Baker Park. It truly is a beautiful and peaceful place. The scenery is great, and the overall atmosphere is very chill. The walking trails are very well kept-up, and you won’t feel out of place there when you light up. Lots of people go there because of how relaxing and beautiful it is. I would “high”ly recommend it. See what I did there… 🙂

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    The River Bank Trail is a fun place to walk and toke. Skinner Butte Park is along that trail and while it does get busy and has lots of crowded playgrounds for kids, it is easy to get lost in the trees near the river. Now I’m not saying you can break out the triple chamber bong there, but definitely a discreet joint or dab pen would be great…even a pipe. You will love the scenery.

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    Skinner Butte park is an awesome place to smoke up! There are lots of scenic views, which offer the bomb smoke stops. I personally enjoy sitting behind the old Skinner Mansion looking in the trees and looking out over the hill down toward the lower area of the park. The mansion and trees will give you some privacy. It is also not much of a hike to get there. During out of school times, there can tend to be a lot of families around, so be a kind smoker, and keep you fun away from the playground.

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