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      Who said luxury and adventure do not come along? On the exotic island of Indonesia you can enjoy a variety of water sports and mountain climbing while staying in a comfortable lazy hotel that provides you with everything you need to be happy! But you can find this luxury anywhere in the world. There are many options for choosing the perfect private villa Bali is offering to the guests that want to live in a luxury way and offers all the amenities anyone can ask for. All the people that are financially beyond average are always looking for something extreme. Staying in a marvelous resort is enjoying but there is more to life than this! There are some things that will make your adrenaline go in extremely high levels and Bali is the ultimate island to have this amazing experience.

      Midnight Surfing
      At one of the most famous beaches in Bali, you can enjoy waves’ games and swimming under the moon even after midnight. You will be amazed by the beauty of the silver waters that dare you to enjoy them. However, safety comes first, especially in the situations where you do not know the place. There are local lifeguards on the beach until 6.00 in the morning that are useful for avoiding any harm situation. They know any single part of the beach and they keep everything under control all the time.

      Dinner with paddy rice
      There is a famous fancy restaurant which is located almost 3 km from Seminal, where you will have the chance to taste the most famous flavors of authentic Indonesian cuisine. Paddy rice is the basis for most dishes. It’s uniqueness of the taste is what makes it so special.

      Dinner and hiking in a volcano
      Perched on the edge of a lively volcano, there is a famous restaurant that offers unparalleled views of the Mt Bator Lake Crater. The volcano is believed to be active and exploded four times since 1917 – most recently in 1994. The restaurant serves Indonesian and international cuisine, although it recommends guests to try the local cuisine with mohair fish. The waiting list is long so you have to make a reservation a long time before you visit this restaurant. After you have this amazing dinner, do not forget to go hiking in the volcano! The feeling of walking on an active volcano will make you understand the power of nature and show even more respect to the Earth that is giving you all these moments.

      Introduction to Balinese cuisine
      Cooking courses, instructed by famous chef will give you the opportunity to cook next to them, and they are, as it is obvious, specializing in Balinese cuisine that is rich in fruits, vegetables and meat. Sate lembat is the local specialty and one of the dishes you are finally going to taste.

      Wonderful view from the best infinity pools
      Bali is one of the places in the world that offer the visitor a huge variety of wonderful hotels and resorts and the infinity pools are one of the unseperratable amenities of each one of those hotels. A great option to enjoy your drink, watching the sunset or even more memorable moments such as proposing to the love of your life or spending your first day there as a couple.

      Bali is surrounded be enormous areas full of nature. There were eventually made some of the world’s greatest golf courts, which is ideal for everyone who is interested in this fancy and glamorous sport. There are facilities next to the courts such as high class restaurants and the visitor can taste a delicious meal after the game.

      Whatever you choose, even though it will cost a lot, it will also let you live moments that are not easy to live. Next destination is sure Bali and Indonesia..

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      Some interesting locations to visit. I am looking forward for it.

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