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Hey! I’m on the same boat as you djroomba!

I’m also going to attend E3 this year, I’ve always wanted to go and finally this is happening, my first E3 after years of watching streams and daydreaming about it. I’ll be there mostly working, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t have some time to relax and see some of the LA area.

So since this is a really big trip for me I was also looking for ways to purchase some legally and trip even further. I’m from Brazil, so I don’t know if the logistics would be any different from yours. I don’t doubt it, but I hope it wont be any harder for me. Also thanks for your reply Kkenly89, that’s what I was looking for and what brought me to this site, it’s been pretty useful so far and I love it. I’ve no doubt that I will be visiting it more often.