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I am a traveler my self and is in Lisbon at this moment.
I had a great experience with a guy I meet I Jadim Santa Anna. I saw he was smoking and asked him if he knew where me and my friend could buy. He was so kind to sell me some really good hash. He gave a try first and the quality was amazing!!! I needed to get some more before we toke to Spain and I asked him if he had more to sell 10g.
He hooked me up later that night and even came to the door with it. He asked us out share out his info on wickr so other also can get this nice experience!!! Cheers!

He can only be reach on wickr:
Wickr: Crasydave.

The price was completely OK. He told us that is a bit expensive compared to Portugal prices but the quality is really was what you where paying for! Compared to my home contry Denmark the price was cheep for quality like that.

Cheers Ole Petersen

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