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I really like this new strain from sky high Gardens Cherry Pie has a serious, very pungent note, like a GrandDaddy Purp. I was sampled a nugg and first look it was DEFINITELY GDP DOM with an incredibly nice purple hue. I acquired this pungent, funky Cherry Pie in the SeaTac region the strong aroma had my nose in awe. Cherry Pie comes on fast making you feel relaxed and happy and then tapers off gradually. I’d surely bet this strain gets into the mid teens when referring to THC level. Some other strains with levels in the 20’s surprise me on the strength so this really gave me a full body feel. This particular hybrid made me feel the cerebral effects AND body effects, but wasn’t overly powerful. Cherry Pie is best suited for me after a long day of classes and work, and helped me to ultimately relax. The smell once again is super dank as I ground it up, which made for an even better smell. The “cherry” in the Cherry Pie was completely absent also more of a Durban Poison during that time. Cherry Pie, when grown correctly is an extremely dank strain: it is GDP x Durban Poison! What else could you ask for? This strain is very useful for calming down or even to get going but I find it can help a lot with depression and anxiety, including spasms. Also great for headaches or migraines!! @skyhighGardens your stuff is LEGIT!

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