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At the border to New Mexico, Trinidad sits quaintly, populated with a respectable 8,200 residents. Originally a coal-mining town, the city has struggled greatly through the years, its 7.7% unemployment rate demonstrates this, but that is on the rebound. With the legalization of recreational marijuana, not only have the local citizens been able to find jobs, the tourism coming up from New Mexico has helped surge the local economy. Since legalization the city has seen over $800,000 in tax revenue funnel into its treasury.

Trinidad has had an interesting history; in the 1960s it was nicknamed the “sex change capital of the world,” because of the work by Dr. Stanley Biber, a pioneer in the industry at its infancy. Even the founding of the Hippie commune movement was started just north of the city, named Drop City. Drop City was a counterculture community founded by students from the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Kansas, it was meant to be a safe space for free thinkers, progressives, artists and filmmakers.

With a rebounding economy and a cultural rich history, Trinidad is a place to visit if you are passing through on the I-25, so grab some legal fresh and enjoy. For a full directory of cannabis shops in Colorado, click here.

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