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Earning its namesake from the meeting of the Colorado River and the Gunnison River, Grand Junction sits 247 miles south of Denver in Mesa County. A steady population of 65,000 people claims Grand Junction home, with thousands of tourists flocking city typically during the warmer months of the year. Both medical and recreational cannabis retail sales are not allowed in the city of Grand Junction, 60% of the citizens voted to prohibit marijuana in 2011. We do not condone nor endorse indulging in marijuana unless MAYBE in your own private home, on your own private land.

While there is a grassroots movement to end prohibition, there is not much traction as the community does not believe they could control the market nor enforce the laws in place, with the resources at the cities disposal. In 2013, a petition to end prohibition was disqualified because of a lack of staples in the paperwork, which tells you something about the people controlling these policies.

Outdoors enthusiasts continue to travel to the Colorado outpost, as it has some of the best biking and kayaking in the country. Kayaking and rafting are a daily occurrence on the Colorado River through the Horse Thief and West Water areas (highly recommended). Bikers can enjoy the Lunch Loop Trail System or even attend the Grand Junction Off Road Bike Race. It is our recommendation to purchase your legal cannabis in Denver or one of the surrounding cities, before you visit grand Junction. For a full directory of cannabis shops in Colorado, click here.