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Marijuana sales, both medical and recreational, have been effectively banned in Golden, Colorado creating quite a challenge for some individuals that are dependant on the plant, for medicinal purposes. Located 12 miles west of Denver, Golden is a beautiful town kept in a time capsule. The city is heavily tradition riddled, with many clinging to the “old ways” of life. The Colorado School of Mines, an engineering university calls this city home, along with 21,000 other wonderful citizens.

Golden is an old western town and they aim to keep it that way, a lot of the cities roots can still be seen with many of the original buildings standing in the downtown/ Main Street area. The city was originally established as a mining town in 1860 with much of that tradition carrying on through the years, visibly apparent on every street corner. Just to show how proud Golden is of its rich history, they have the highest concentration of museums per capita in Colorado.

Golden is also home to the Coors Beer Company; luckily enough Coors provides daily tours of their historic factory. While the city is not marijuana friendly, that could change shortly in terms of medical cannabis. If you wish to visit a city kept in its traditional western roots, enjoy golden, but do not enjoy your marijuana within the city limits. For a full directory of cannabis shops in Colorado, click here.