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Fountain rests about 14 miles Southwest of Colorado Springs and has had a very tumultuous history. The town was formed and built in 1859, and had a quiet beginning until 1888 when history was changed forever in town.

A freight train was traveling north through Colorado Springs when two vagrants found themselves killing a man aboard the train. In an attempt to ditch the body, the vagrants unlatched several cars of the train, including the caboose and 18 tons of explosives. It was about three in the morning when a passenger train collided with the abandoned cars that were disconnected from the freight train. The resulting explosion not only destroyed much of Fountain at the time, but it also left a crater in the ground 45 feet wide and 15 feet deep.

Thing in Fountain today aren’t nearly as wild! There are many shops and cafes worth checking out, and beautiful fountain shows outside city hall. There isn’t much in the way of cultural offerings, and there are no retail marijuana shops, but Colorado Springs isn’t far away, so don’t fret.

Fountain is a beautiful town to visit, in fact, Katherine Lee Bates wrote “America the Beautiful” after surveying this area from Pike’s Peak.

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