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Located in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, Durango sits as a kind of island, disconnected from the rest of the world. The city is still very much stuck in the old wild west days and it does this beautifully, Main Street is still very much made up of the original buildings erected since its founding in 1881. With a smaller population of about 17,000, roughly 4,000 being students of Fort Lewis College, the city might seem quiet, but it is anything but.

With a true high desert climate, all four seasons can be experienced in one single day (trust us, we have seen it happen). Durango has plenty of legal cannabis dispensaries available, which are easily walkable or a short 5-minute drive. The city is very cannabis friendly, but you still want to make sure you keep it relatively discreet. The vibe of the city is quite the old western cowboy town V new age millennial college kid, there is always a struggle to resist change, and we find that very appealing.

Durango is also very outdoors focused, with the Animas River running directly through the city, there are multiple raft guide companies in the area, almost everyone kayaks, or just enjoys a nice beer friendly tube float. Purgatory ski resort is a short 30 minutes away and is seriously one of our favorite “small” resorts in the country. Durango is also home to world-class mountain biking and hiking, all within the city limits. Home to multiple craft breweries: Ska brewing, Durango Brewing Co, and Steamworks Brewing all call Durango home and create some of our favorite beers available on the market.

One of the best things about the city is the size, it is small, and that means you can get anywhere on foot or bicycle very quickly. Pretty much every bar in town is on one street, which makes barhopping a really fun activity. You will frequently see people playing “bar golf,” which is when everyone dresses up like Caddy Shack and attempts to drink 18 beverages, while visiting every bar in the area.

Durango is truly one of the most unique cities in the United States, with its Wild West vibe meets hippie culture; we highly encourage everyone to make a visit. It is not the most easily accessible city in the world (for a good reason), but trust us and go check it out.  For a full directory of cannabis shops in Colorado, click here.

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