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Sitting at the base of in the infamous 14,000-foot behemoth Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs rests 60 miles south of Denver. Boasting a whopping 91 legal cannabis dispensaries, there is plenty of pot to go around (although the city did extend a moratorium on granting any new licenses until 2017). With a sizable population just breaking 700,000 in 2015/16, Colorado springs is essentially Denver’s “little brother,” yet the same relative size. Colorado Springs is driven economically by the military, high-tech, and tourism. Much of this tourism was outdoors focused but with the legalization of cannabis, it has since become a combination of both , with that number ever increasing. Nearly 5 million visitors pass through the city, annually, generating close to 1.35 billion in revenue. Over 13,000 jobs are created because of the Pikes Peak and Rocky Mountains proximity.

One of the biggest events that take place in Colorado Springs is the “Pikes Peak International Hill Climb,” a modified car race, 4,720 feet UP the mountain, with over 156 turns, to the top at 14,110 feet. The race itself brings in thousands of spectators per year, which creates a sizable chunk of income for the local economy and local businesses.

Colorado springs is also home to over 55 attractions and activities in the immediate area: The US Olympic Training Center is based in Colorado Springs, The Garden of the Gods, Jeep tours, rafting, horseback riding, trail hiking, biking, and rock-climbing are readily accessible. Peterson Air Force Base is located in Colorado Springs, along with The Air Force Academy, a school for officer candidates hoping to serve this great nation.

Colorado springs is home to over 24 international governing bodies of sport, including the U.S Olympic Committee. People from all over the world call The Springs home during the summer for its mile high elevation, and relatively mild yet stunning climate to train. While it boasts such a heavy population, it is still a relatively quiet city in comparison to Denver. This productive, conscious environment, it is easy to understand why many of these athletes flock to the area; most people mind their own business and enjoy their cannabis in peace.

But that does not mean there isn’t much to do, on the contrary, as we have stated above there is ALWAYS something going on, with plenty of music venues like The Black Sheep, The Zodiac, and The Loft. The bar scene is something that is not lacking either; you can even do a tour of all 24 of the breweries that call Colorado Springs home. 24 different breweries in one city is an astronomical number of delicious beers in one place, it makes us thirsty just writing about it. For a full directory of cannabis shops in Colorado, click here.

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