Colorado Cannabis Lawyers

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Unfortunately we still live in a world where having an affinity for marijuana can sometimes get you into trouble with law enforcement. It could happen to anyone, and we all know what it feels like when you see lights in your rearview mirror and a rush of adrenaline fills your body as you try to mentally prepare for what comes next. If you do find yourself in a situation like this, try to remain calm and act as though you haven’t done anything wrong. Though cannabis is legal in Colorado, if something does go wrong, being prepared and knowing what to say and do is a great first step, and finding a great lawyer with experience in cannabis law is equally important. Marijuana lawyers know the state and federal laws inside and out and can help tremendously if you’re in a pinch! Here are our recommendations for Colorado cannabis lawyers, broken down by area. For more information on Colorado Marijuana Laws, click here!

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Rachael Z. Ardanuy

Rachel Z Aranuy, Attorney at Law, PC
3570 East 12 Ave
Denver, CO 80206
Phone: 303-586-5020

Lauren C. Davis

The Law Office of Lauren C. Davis, Attorney At Law, LLC
36 Steele St. Suite 200
Denver, CO 80206
Phone: 720-279-8810

Charles Eugene Feldmann

Feldmann Nagel, LLC
1228 15th Street Suite 200
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 888-458-0991

Cathy A. Klein

Mediator & Attorney @ Law; Conflict Resolution Services, Inc
4601 DTC Blvd. Suite 1000
Denver, CO 80237
Phone: 303-721-1200

Sean T. McAllister

McAllister Law Office, P.C.
36 Steele St Suite 200
Denver, CO 80206
Phone: 720-722-0048

Jeralyn Elise Merritt

Law Office of Jeralyn E Merritt
600 17th St Suite 2800-S
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-837-1837

Roxane Peyser

Law Office of Roxane Peyser, LLC
600 17th Street Suite 2800 South
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 720-400-8209

Dave Rodman

The Rodman Law Group, LLC
2080 S. Franklin St.
Denver, CO 80210
Phone: 720-663-0558

Jeremy Richard Rosenthal

Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal
4100 E. Mississippi Avenue Floor 19
Denver, CO 80246
Phone: 303-825-2223

Brian Tannenbaum

Tannenbaum, Trost & Burk, LLC
4155 E. Jewell Ave. Suite 1018
Denver, CO 80222
Phone: 720-420-1270

Jay Marcus Tiftickjian

Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.C.
600 S Cherry St #1105
Denver, CO 80246
Phone: 303-991-5896

Ann Toney

Ann Toney, P.C.
1525 Josephine Street
Denver, CO 80206
Phone: 303-399-5556

Rhidian David Watson Orr

The Orr Law Firm, L.L.C.
720 S. Colorado Blvd. Suite 1110-N
Denver, CO 80246
Phone: 303-818-2448


Leonard I. Frieling

Leonard I. Frieling, P.C.
1942 Broadway St #314 By appointment only
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303-666-4064

Marc Eliot Milavitz

The Alternative Law Office of Marc Milavitz, P.C.
1733 Canyon Blvd
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303-442-2166

Craig Bennett Small

595 Canyon Rd
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303-442-8900

Northern Colorado

Rachel K. Gillette

Rachel K. Gillette, Attorney LLC
103 E Simpson Street
Lafayette, CO 80026
Phone: 303-665-0860

Crofton Sacco

Northern Colorado Marijuana Attorney/Sacco Law Firm LLC
4290 W. 10th Street Suite 110
Greeley, CO 80634
Phone: 970-356-8000

Jeri D. Shepherd

710 11th Ave Suite 203-D
Greeley, CO 80631
Phone: 970-396-9493

Other Areas

Hunsaker | Emmi, P.C.

1667 Cole Blvd. Suite #290
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: (303) 456-5116

Lauren Wolpin Maytin

Edson, Maytin & Matz, LLP & Law Office of Lauren R, Maytin
520 E Copper Ave Suite 211
Aspen, CO 81612
Phone: 970-948-7183

Victor T. Owens

Law Office of Victor T. Owens
19039 East Plaza Dr Suite 290
Parker, CO 80134
Phone: 303-284-0358


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