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Hotel Concierge, Seattle, Wa
“The tour guide was definitely the highlight of our tour–he was extremely knowledgeable and friendly.  He made it clear that the central goal of Kush Tours is to educate individuals about the quickly emerging cannabis culture of Seattle.

As I’ve said, I think this is a very good tour, and I’m glad that it is available for our hotel guests.  It is very professional and informative.  There is no pressure on those taking the tour to consume cannabis if they do not want to, which I think goes a long way in supporting the idea that the tour’s main goal is to provide education about the cannabis industry and culture in Seattle. ”

“Thanks for superior service during our visit. We had a great time and have already told a couple of friends about the experience. Between you and Daryl at the Bacon Mansion– we’ll just say you guys are the best! We look forward to our next visit to your beautiful city.”

New York City, NY

“he tour guide was great! The atmosphere was a welcoming happy one at every stop. Mike seemed to be extremely knowledgeable and very well connected, we skipped the lines at the Cannabis City recreational dispensary (as part of the tour) and a goody bag with munchies was included. This tour made our trip to the cannabis cup complete and we would do it all over again!”

Los Angelas, CA

“A most unique & memorable informed experience. A great day , A+.”


“The tour was very informative, professional, and entertaining. We loved how smooth the your ran, along with the sight seeing touched with a side of history. It really gave us a great perspective on the city. I would highly (10) recommend the tour to anybody visiting the city of Seattle. Very knowledgeable and professional staff that showed their passion for what they are doing throughout the entire tour. We saw areas of Seattle that we would have never discovered on our own trek.

We found the glass blowing to be very cool, as it was something we have never been introduced to before, so seeing and creating hands on was great. Seeing the city and how locals support the industry was also very cool and surprising. Thank you!!

Chase is very knowledgable on his city and has a plethora of recommendations from restaurants to kayaking. If stopping in Seattle, do yourself a favor and spend a little time with these guys!”

Arcadia, Florida
“Hands down most informative fun tour in Seattle, great tour guide Chase is the man with the plan. I strongly recommend this tour to anyone seeking a fun filled field trip into the medicinal and recreational sides of Seattle. Completely awesome”

Matthew H.
New York City, NY

“I just wanted to say thanks again for the tour you took us on on my birthday!
The whole day was so informative and fun.
We really appreciated your insight as to where the industry has been
And where it’s going! I’m glad it’s people like you that are educating the public along the way:)”

Yukoner B.
Whitehorse, Canada

“This is only the beginning…and it will only get better!  The young men who run this are responsible and friendly and altogether likable.  They will develop a personalized tour to include whatever you are interested in….but as we didn’t offer much in the way of direction, they provided us with a knowledgeable overview of the new and developing Cannabis laws in WA and introduced us to some great people who are operating some of the local Cannabis-friendly businesses in Seattle.  And then brought us to the Seattle Wheel for a gorgeous view of the city and a chance to kayak on Puget Sound (It still counts as kayaking even if I was more of a paddle-holding observer, right?  Thanks, Chase!)  We also were provided with some excellent direction as to our accommodation to continue with the relaxing nature of our brief Seattle holiday; it was an entirely positive experience.”

Auzeen R.
Seattle, WA

 “Informative, fun experience! Showed a taste of the legalized cannabis industry in the wake of it’s birth! Would recommend to anyone whose curious about what Seattle has going on.”

Herb H.
New Jersey

“Kush Tourism is an amazing way to see and learn about cannabis culture in Seattle! We were visiting from the East Coast and were lucky enough to get a private tour. The tour was as good as it gets — We started at a glassblowing studio where we were able to meet some really talented artists. On top of that, we had an introductory glassblowing class where we got to make our own souvenir – a glass dabber! After that, we met an extraction artist who showed us his top-of-the-line extraction lab, and answered so many questions for us. It was so cool to hear about what these artists have up their sleeves for the future. Also on our tour, we went to a medical marijuana dispensary to see how the entire operation works. We ended the tour at an awesome shop that sold functional glass, as well as clothing and lifestyle goods. It was the best way to round out the tour — we met some really cool people who are interested in encouraging cannabis culture in a great city.
I can’t stress enough that this tour was SO fun and educational. We asked a lot of questions and everyone was so nice and friendly when answering them. Kush Tourism is the best way to experience Seattle and the cannabis industry. We’ll definitely be keeping in touch with them whenever we visit the Northwest!

Thanks so much, guys!”

Molly B.
Seattle, WA

“We did the second-ever tour, and I was really impressed. The Kush guys are uber-professional and have planned a day that has something of interest for anyone curious about the cannabis industry. It’s a great introduction to the Seattle scene and hopefully there will be lots more to come. Can’t wait to see what other tours they have in store!”

Delaney T.
Seattle, WA

“I really enjoyed the Kush tour. My favorite part was the glass blowing studio where we had a chance to blow our own dab sticks. These guys took the time to make it fun and educational. its a must for ppl wanting to learn more about this industry in a fun way. Can’t wait to see the additions these guys have planned for the future of their tour.”

Ethan L.
Tacoma, WA

“This tour went far beyond my greatest expectations. From the live glass-blowing workshop to the juice-bar cannabis dispensary, I learned a ton of interesting information all while having the time of my life. The guides couldn’t have been friendlier and more professional. Yelp doesn’t make a rating that does this tour justice.”

Chef Mary White of The Pantry Raid
Seattle, WA

“Comprehensive, educational, and oh yeah – FUN!!”

Heather H.
Seattle, WA

“You see the whole industry start to finish. Growing, trimming, cooking, glass blowing … you see the whole usage and purpose, and not just for recreational but from a medicinal view as well.”


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