Chris Hardman’s Cannabus San Francisco Tours



The Magic Bus Experience is a rolling theater, in an old converted school bus, filled with the music, psychedelic images, and classic footage from the summer of love. We have been taking guests on tours to Haight Ashbury for the past 8 years, and have become very popular internationally.
On April 20 of this year, we are adding a new show that we are calling “The Magic Cannabus”. We will be telling a great story about the history of marijuana over the past decades; from it’s humble origins of being used by beatniks and jazz musicians and hippies, all the while illegal, to the great efforts of “Brownie Mary” and her providing ill patients with much needed marijuana to ease their pain, all the way to this great time of the end of prohibition and the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use.
  • Take a safe legal Cannabis infused adventure through the streets of San Francisco while hearing stories of the mysterious Weed.
  • Visit one of San Francisco new Marijuana Dispensaries and relax in a smoker’s lounge.
  • The CannaBus has screens over the windows and 16 video projectors to show you the way it was and then the screens rise up to show you the way it is.
  • You’ll visit Chinatown, North Beach, Haight Ashbury, and the Castro. You’ll hear all about the roles these neighborhoods played in the Marijuana story.


It’s not Just a Tour – It’s a Trip

Only in San Francisco!

The Magic Bus is an entirely one-of-a-kind experience. You may ride many tour buses in your life, but not one that transforms into a traveling movie theater, light show and rocket ship while showing you the San Francisco of yesterday and today.

Add on Alcatraz Tour!

In the morning, roll on the tantalizing Magic Bus tour and then visit the Rock, Alcatraz Island, that same afternoon — the best “only in San Francisco day!” You’ll experience the world-changing psychedelic 60s and then hear from the former inmates and guards who lived on Alcatraz.

Locally Grown!

Magic Bus is created, and produced by the Bay Area’s, award-winning Antenna Theater. Chris Hardman, founder of Antenna, is known for his original theatrical experiments including the world-renowned, Alcatraz Cell House audio tour. It’s been enjoyed by millions.


229 S Heights Blvd San Rafael, CA 94901 USA
TEL: +1 855 969 6244