1.) Boost traffic to your AirBnb profile.

Become a cannabis friendly AirBnb host in recreationally legal states. Promote your “Bud and Breakfast” on Kush Tourism. Our platform receives nearly one million hits per month from tourists around the world looking to consume cannabis safely and legally in recreationally legal states.

2.) Amenities make money.

Successful Nugg Inns have fun amenities like in-room vaporizers and cannabis themed gift bags. Others create experiences like “pot-luck” tea time or “wake and bake” breakfast menus. Pinterest is a wellspring of fun crafternoon ideas that’ll be sure to inspire you to make your place truly unique.

3.) Be the solution.

Fill a rather gaping hole in an industry that has very few options for cannabis tourists. Every state has different laws around cannabis consumption. Be sure to do your due diligence to follow the regulations in your state. In the state of Washington for example, it is unlawful to consume cannabis outside of a private property. Bars, restaurants, and clubs may all be privately owned but they are treated as public property. For many this means consumption is only allowed in private homes but what if you’re not a homeowner? What’s a pot tourist to do?!

If you are a property owner this is the perfect opportunity to build your passive income as conventional hotels are often bound by no-smoking laws in their respective regions regardless of cannabis consumption laws.

4.) Join the revolution

These are exciting times in the cannabis industry and the more connections the global community makes with other enthusiasts, ancillary businesses, and entrepreneurs the more we ensure the viability of an industry that brings a wide array of benefits to so many.

To find out more about how to join our tourism platform and be a part of a truly transformative time in American history email us at seattle@kushtourism.com


Cannabis Friendly AirBnbs Have An Edge Above The Rest
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Cannabis Friendly AirBnbs Have An Edge Above The Rest
Maximize your opportunities for passive income.
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